Solar water heaters


In this Solar Water Heater, water is heated in vacuum glass tubes within the system. Solar Energy is captured in the glass tubes quickly heating the water in the copper heat pipe. The heated water rises to the top of the pipe and collects in the tank.

These systems are available in 150Litre, 200Litre or 300Litre
tank configurations.


  • Can also work during cold months as need minimal solar energy hence reducing reliance on gas or electric boosting
  • Solar irradiance always at 90o to the water heater tubes hence Positive Sun Tracking is assured throughout the day
  • More efficient in transferring heat
  • Durable and a tube can easily be replaced if broken
  • Require a small roof area than comparable flat plate collectors
  • Units Sourced from Renowned Turkish & Chinese Suppliers


These are well designed high specification hot water heaters suitable for long life applications in extreme conditions. Options are available in Direct Systems and Indirect Systems.

Direct Systems or Open Loop heats water directly through the collector.

Indirect or Closed-loop system separates the collector flow water from the process water and heating is achieved by heat transfer through the tank jacket. This is suitable for highly mineralized or brackish water sources which may corrode or scale the collector capillaries.

Benefits include:

  • Heavy duty tank with enhanced fittings such as corrosion protection, UV resistant plastic end caps & 2KW heating element
  • High specification insulation and tempered security glass to provide ample heating
  • Affordable, Durable and Reliable
  • Available in Capacities from 80Litres to 300litres
  • Units made from Turkey, Israel & China